Making Memories (2016-2017): The project aims to promote the mental health and well-being of persons with dementia and their immediate carers. The immediate objectives include: Capacity building for professionals and staff working with people with dementia, promoting a range of practical skills and approaches that creatively engage persons with dementia; provision of informal educational activities (promoting LLL) designed to promote learning, understanding and creativity between persons with dementia, their carers, and persons working with them; Enhancing and re-energising the relationships between persons with dementia, carers and persons working with them; Introduce students following the MA in Ageing and Dementia Studies to alternative creative methodologies in care for persons with dementia; create awareness and shift negative perceptions of older adults and people with dementia; promote awareness on the SDGs, in particular SDGs 3 and 4. The project is funded by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. 

ACTive Age Intergenerational Dialogue (2016-2017): Using Action Research, theatre and movement workshops, the project generates intergenerational dialogue to create a space for mutual learning and inclusion of older adults and young people (including young migrants) in Malta and Gozo. It seeks to promote greater understanding and respect between generations and ethnic communities, hence contributing towards community development and social justice. Inclusive communities are built on giving and receiving resources and learning opportunities throughout the lifespan. The project is funded by the Fund for Voluntary Organisations, Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF)

Collective Memories-Collective Lives (2015-2016): The project provides spaces for the creative development of different communities, with the aim to develop a collective identity, one that celebrates ethnic diversity and different memories. Through Participatory Action Research and working closely with partners, Integra Foundation and Theatre Anon, older Maltese people engage in dialogue with different ethnic minorities part of  a community-based analysis of intercultural belonging. Using action research and theatre workshops the project seeks to encourage creative thinking and dialogue, through the sharing of stories and memories. This project is funded by Creative Communities, Malta Arts Fund. 

ACTive Age (2014-2016): is a drama-based project aimed at the physical, social and emotional development and well-being of older adults attending day care centres who may be lonely, isolated or facing social exclusion. Through a series of non-formal education workshops, the project engages older adults attending day care centres. The project provides the opportunity for fun, learning, exercise and gentle movement within a comfortable, supportive, participatory and creative environment. The project provides an effective bridge between the individual and the community working towards social inclusion. This project is funded by the Malta President’s Fund.