Our Work

ACTive age Malta works in collaborative, informed and participatory ways using multiple and multi-sensory tools. Our work, operationalised in groups, is devoted to stimulating older adults through creative work in the bid to create friendships, enhance cognitive and physical ability, learning and to take on new challenges. We work hard to open new spaces for:

  • self expression and learning
  • to enliven older adults emotionally and physically
  • to reconnect with the past and to try something new
  • stimulate the senses
  • to break the chain of routine and solitude
  • create and maintain social bonds and networks
  • and explore avenues where they can reinvent themselves for new and rewarding experiences.

Working through experienced professionals, our work is conducted in respectful and inclusive ways prioritising the voices and demands of older adults contributing as genuine partners.

At ACTive Age Malta, our activities are wide and varied. These include:

  • Safe, regular and fun physical and mental exercises: these are aimed at helping improve mobility, coordination and balance, and cognitive ability; help slow down the process of ageing; and find renewed energy.
  • Story telling through reminiscence: this is key in stimulating and maintaining memory; boosting self esteem; offering an opportunity for reflection and articulation of experiences and concerns; reinforcing a sense of collective and personal identity; and resolving grief among others.
  • Theatre based improvisations: these are designed to encourage thinking on the spot and imagination; listen to, collaborate with and trust others; take risks; concentrate and stimulate imagination; and team work
  • Music

We also engage in intergenerational projects bringing together older and younger adults with the objectives of sharing experiences and for mutual learning. See our projects page